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Contact Information for NASM and AFAA
  NASM Contact Information: AFAA Contact Information:
Phone: 1-800-460-6276, Option 2 1-800-446-2322, Option 3
Email: nasmcares@nasm.org customerservice@afaa.com
Hours of Monday – Friday: 5am-5pm PSD Monday – Friday: 5am-5pm PSD
Operation: Saturday, Sunday: 7am-4pm PSD Saturday, Sunday: 7am-4pm PSD
Which Time Zone do I Pick?

If you don't see your city in the list of time zones available and are uncertain which time zone to choose, an easy way around this is to update your Candidate Profile! If you add your address to your profile, the time zone for the booking with automatically select the time zone local to your home address!

How do I Reschedule my Exam?

If you have already booked your exam and need to change the date and time of your appointment, don't panic! You can change it.

On the Exams page, the navigation bar of the exam will now say “Status” instead of "Book". It will also have 2 additional buttons beneath the Exam Name: Withdraw and Transfer. Clicking the the “Status” button will pull up the details of your appointment as well as the Withdraw and Transfer buttons.

Withdraw is used to cancel the booking. Transfer is used to modify the booking.